Solid Tips on How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

Selecting the topic for your doctoral paper is one of the most critical process in the entire research system. A dissertation topic can make or break your paper, as it is the foundation of your project. Therefore, it is vital to approach the theme selection method with care and consideration.

In this blog, we will provide comprehensive tips on how to choose a dissertation topic and assist you with coming up with one that is both important and feasible.

How to choose a dissertation topic

There are certain questions that must be answered when learning how to come up with a dissertation topic. Some of these questions and steps will be expanded below. 

  • Identify your specialization

The number one step in choosing the subject of your doctoral paper is to identify your area of specialization. Your doctoral paper is a long-term project, and you will be required to spend time researching and writing about the selected theme, so it is vital that you select a subject that you are passionate about. 

Self-reflect by asking yourself questions such as: What subjects do I find fascinating? What subjects have I studied that I would love to explore? By identifying your area of interest, you will be more likely to enjoy the research process and generate high-quality work.

  • Consider relevance and feasibility

Another major step on how to find a dissertation topic is to consider the relevance and feasibility of your theme. Your theme should be relevant to your subject of study and offer a significant contribution to existing knowledge. Consider factors such as access to data, the availability of literature, and the complexity of the theme when evaluating feasibility.

  • Review the materials

Reviewing the materials is an essential step in choosing a dissertation topic. This will provide you with an idea of what has already been researched and the loopholes that exist in the current literature. 

Read articles, books, and other research materials related to your area of specialization, and take note of any themes that catch your attention. This will aid in refining your ideas and determining the direction of your research.

  • Brainstorm your ideas

Once you have reviewed the materials, it is time to brainstorm and narrow down your ideas. Generate a list of potential topics and then analyse each one based on its relevance, feasibility, and originality. 

  • Consider accessible resources

When learning how to pick a dissertation topic, you must consider the resources accessible and available to you. This includes access to data, funding, and support from your supervisor and other professionals in your field. Make sure that you have the necessary resources to conduct your research, including access to databases, software, and other tools.

  • Keep it manageable

Your theme should be challenging but not overwhelming. Consider the scope of the project, the amount of time and effort required, and your own abilities and limitations. Select a theme that you can complete within the given time frame and with the resources available.

  • Collaborate with peers and mentors

Collaborating with peers and mentors can also help you develop ideas for dissertation. Discussing potential topics with others can provide fresh perspectives and new ideas. They may also be able to provide valuable insights into the feasibility and relevance of your ideas. Consider seeking out peer review groups or research collaboration opportunities to get input from others in your field.

  • Consider your career goals

Your topics for dissertation can have an effect on your future career, so it is necessary to consider your career goals when selecting a theme. Think about how your research can contribute to your long-term career goals and what skills and knowledge you want to gain from the project.


Choosing a topic for your doctoral paper is an important decision that requires careful consideration. By following these tips, you can ensure that you choose a topic that is relevant, feasible, manageable, and enjoyable to research.

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